Fear of Being Involved/Included/Invited
The antithesis to FOMO. FOBI refers to someone with a fear of being invited to or involved in social activities.
by papillonnosilla August 19, 2010
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These guys are giving me FOBI. I never want to wear boat shoes with no socks and cargo shorts again. I look like Brad, Tom, and Billy!
by Zitalian412 January 17, 2019
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The "Fear of Being Infected," usually shown in Boomers or higher risk demographics.
Person 1: Dude you want to go somewhere today?
Person 2: No man, Coronavirus is upon us.
Person 1: Bro you have FOBI
by Nutche March 23, 2020
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Find out by yourself
A: What is 2n+4d
by danielthepizzaman November 3, 2012
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failing out big-time in trends; a retardation that makes you slip into the way of the prior generation: your parent's generation!
Ewww... the way she dresses is soooo fobi.

Dude, our band is starting to sound fobi!
by thread-in-a-rug August 27, 2009
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(Unrelated to the fear of being included)

Fobi - noun

A little Austrian fucktard who likes to argue with many groups of people and their friends since he is such a little tard of fuck. He spams LMFAO which is why, in such a situation, you should say limfow, to make fun of him.

The fobi really gets salty at smash and gets bitter at people for telling him to calm down. Yucky yucky. The fobi also will cause multiple instances of heartache and stress due to his cunning manipulative nature against people

Avoid at all costs and limfow when necessary
1) "Hey dude wanna play smash?" "Fuck no LMFAO I'm bad and cannot compensate for my lack of skill so I'll throw a tantrum like I do with everything else."

"Fuck off fobi"

2) Please stop spamming lmfao, you sound like Fobi
by legaatos August 31, 2019
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When a bigger person with no ass wears pants too tight they give him a reverse camel toe. That is forever known as a foby tortner.
Look at the size of that foby tortner!! Its a canyon!
by GingerRob July 2, 2020
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