A revolutionary Japanese wrestling promotion. One of the first promotions with "Deathmatches" (Extremely violent wrestling matches, usually involving lots of weapons and blood). The promotion closed down shortly after there main star Hayabusa (who in my opinion, is the best japanese wrestler ever) snapped his neck during a match, causing him to get paralyzed (However he gained a little control of his legs years later, so he can walk with the use of a cain).
Guy 1: Tokyopop released 14 different FMW dvd's, which one is your favorite?

Guy 2: Mine is "International Slaughterhouse: FMW VS ECW" 2 great promotion's dishing it out.
by Fat Chick Thrilla February 28, 2008
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"For the mother fuckin' win", meaning something awesome happened.
Dude, I got pulled over but talked my way out of an $85 ticket, FMW!!
by notta_chance March 09, 2010
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Person A tells a joke
Person B tells the truth, thus ruining the joke
Person A says 'FMW'
by clmaxwell December 11, 2008
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Stands for f*** me wasted. The point where you have drank so much alcohol you absolutely must have sex before you sober.
Last night she was so fmw she called every guy in her phone book until she finally got laid.
by MissKitty41586 July 13, 2010
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Free Market Warrior. An FMW sticks to a dogma and blind ideology to support free market capitalism. In the face of evidence that highlights the social, economic, and cultural inequalities that come from free market capitalism, should an FMW accept their existence, the FMW will insist they are the result of individual failings, taxation, regulation, or some combination of these and not an indication of a systemic failure of free market capitalism itself. An FMW sticks to talking points and engages debate with circular logic and outdated economic theories to support his or her position.
An FMW just basically told me to pick me up by my bootstraps. The literal impossibility of such a task highlights the one dimensional reasoning that goes into their world view.
by clevergirl212 December 12, 2015
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