Deriving from the palatka florida culture of having a pick-up truck with the front raised and the back end lowered. You can find these negatively raked trucks all over florida and the carolinas commonly referred to as squatting, palatka lean, or bulldoggin. Known for having flashy chrome wheels and fancy paint jobs. Florida Lay'd Back or F.L.B. is a small truck club out of Fruit Cove, Florida and the St. Augustine, Florida area. Commonly throw truck shows and events locally.
Hey matt.

Did you see that truck with the nasty palatka lean?

Yea, looks like one of them F.L.B. boys, damn they can get ruthless

Yea there trucks are so raw...
by thecovesquatter September 13, 2011
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Hot blonde with huge tits walks by, Carl says to Steve, "Damn! Check out that Filthy Little Banger (F.L.B.)!!!
by We Love FLBs January 31, 2011
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Foxy Little Bitch.
Girl who is good looking, and has a tight booty.
Tom: hot damn, look at that FLB
Pete: ooooff she mighty fine.
by Dan XYZ October 30, 2007
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FLB (Fucking Little Bitch) Describes the behavior of any person who acts entitled, whiny, spoiled or just plainly being a jerk.
Hey, can you believe what a F.L.B. Carson Greene is. Carson Greene is an absolute FLB.
via giphy
by JJ Busy August 11, 2018
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Guy1: Dayum. All dem gurls got dat FLB.
Guy2: I kno, were r dah bootylicious gurls at ?
by Bobber August 23, 2012
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