3 definitions by Bobber

The small strech of skin between the asshold and the balls/vagina.
Noun: 1. He wanted me to give him a rim job, but his asshole was a little nasty. So I licked his inch instead. 2. I tried to jump that fence between ours' and the Smiths yard, but I slipped on the post and smacked my inch.
3. I don't know how I got a streak of crap in that area of my underwear -- under my balls. When am I going to learn to wipe my ass from the back... and not from my butt hole up my inch.
by Bobber August 3, 2004
February #20 the day where people with big dicks are born that deserve hot girls
February 20 holy shit sweetheart your hot holy shot honey u have a big dick
by Bobber December 8, 2019
Guy1: Dayum. All dem gurls got dat FLB.
Guy2: I kno, were r dah bootylicious gurls at ?
by Bobber August 23, 2012