dude, mello, its time to FLB

FLB is in full swing this year
by dugout October 5, 2010
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Friends with LOVELY benefits... Differs from "Friends with Benefits". In an FLB situation , both parties have very stong feelings for each other, but aren't really ready for a fully committed relationship, because quite frankly, relationships SUCK.

*Note: You CAN lovee your FLB
Clarissa: I'm not ready for anything serious, but, I lovee you.
Alex: Baby, we can just be FLBs then.
by alexjaymette August 14, 2011
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Someone who acts like a entitled lazy jerk and thinks the world revolves around them.
Carson Greene from LJ Country Day is a total FLB (Fucking Little Bitch)
by JJ Busy August 12, 2018
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Finger Lickin Boy (FLB)

A boy that is EXTREMELY cute and adorable. Usually wears adidas and nike, in black or white. Most common flb shoe is nike airforce in white. Best flb hair is hood hair, and usually has nice eyes and a smile!
Look at that flb!! I think he's so cuteee!
by Woot woooot November 1, 2018
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"Fresh Like Bacalao"
"Peng ting, that biash be FLB bredrin
Reminds me ov wen uncle JC would eat bacalao by da port of VLC.

Bein' all bon vivant n shit"


"That Momo bae be FLB,

As fly as that mofo from Karate Kid. Goin' all (Moni) Cobra Kai on yo' ass and catching you unexpected like the Spanish Inquisition"
by Lucky_lulu February 28, 2022
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Funny Looking Baby. (UK) An out of date midwife code used to inform the team delivering of any health or defects.

FLB was not to be used in mockery, spite or jest. It was written in patients notes as a "nurses diction".

FLB would be countered by FLP (Funny looking parents) meaning any Traits which they were worried about where clearly passed on.

Say the child had a massive forehead, after looking at the parents it could be marked down as FLP or it could then be raised higher concern for the team.

FLB is similar to NFN (Normal for Norfolk- there was a TV show with the same name) So team handles would be normally seen as FLB + FLP = NFN

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
*I had FLB written on my mother's patients notes, I was wondering what it meant? "

" Funny looking baby, but it's old hat now.... We just call you fugly "
by StormCOG December 30, 2019
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