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Fuck it, Drive on. We don't have time to fix this situation.
Such as when a soldier falls off the truck or reinforcements will arrive too late to do any good.
by majorfraser February 20, 2005
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A common name for a household dog.
It's the time of year to take Fido to the vet.
by Pro December 29, 2004
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"F..k it; drive on!"
After unsucessfully trying to get something to work, you just say, "fido."
by Slim August 16, 2003
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A shitty Canadian cell phone provider that has bad reception no matter where you are and how good of a model your cell phone is.
Person 1: Dude, I'm standing outside and still get static on my cell phone, even though its the latest Motorola!!!

Person 2: Are you on a Fido cell phone package? Switch to Telus, Rogers, T-Mobile, you idiot!! Anything but Fido...
by Young & Freedman September 27, 2005
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A funny nickname for the main character of GTA3, nice alternative to, "the mute dude from GTA3". People call him this in reference to the way Maria kept calling him this throughout the game.
"Good old Fido, he's living proof actions speak louder than words, only a true badass can takeover an entire town and not have to say a single word to anyone!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004
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The name of a hobbit like creature who's short in stature and very hairy.

Although Fidos are known to be extremely , sarcastic and an all round douche, people still want to befriend it.

Commonly found near woodland.
A: "Dude, what was that hairy thing that just called you a dick?"

B: "It was just a Fido."

A: "I wanna be friends with it!"

B: "Me too!"
by Rockstar77 October 31, 2011
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A Dog thats warm hearted and brave. Although can be clumsy at times , still quite smart. A Loveable character.
"He seems like a Fido!"
by Doooogeee February 26, 2017
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