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An FFJ is a Full Fledged Jerk -- not just a jerk at this moment because of something he/she said or did, but a jerk all the time; a person who doesn't learn from their prior jerk-like actions or statements; a/k/a a person who is either too proud or too stupid to stop being a jerk,...even for an hour. This person is a classic example of someone you can dress up, but you can't take them anywhere, rather like a real pig, the actual filthy animal. This is the type of a person who regularly hears, "You are such a jerk!" but doesn't care enough to do anything about it.
"That guy is such an FFJ! -- He backed his truck into my sister's car, and just drove away as he screamed filth at her for having her car parked in his favorite parking space! It was Walmart's parking lot, not his stupid, ugly house!
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by Lacemaker427 April 07, 2017
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abnormally large man, commonly found anywhere food is
man that guy is a FFJ gross, you know things are bad when ur a FFJ.
by pizzza26 November 29, 2011
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(Free Food & a Jersey) when a player on a team does absolutely nothing to help them but wear a jersey and eat their food.
coach gutti called out the ffj during practice.
by arex wienwald September 10, 2018
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