1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

2. Fucking Dumb Ignorant Cunt
1. The FDIC insures deposits of up to $100,000 in case a bank goes under.

2. I can not believe that she is such a FDIC!
by digitalcontradiction May 5, 2009
FDIC about your feelings for i got other issues to worry about
by realniggashitit1st February 4, 2016
an modern accronym standing for Fat DUB (Dumb Ugly Bitch) in Company. This term originates from the United States Naval Academy and is commonly used towards a generally disliked female within one's company
Oh shit, the FDIC is on patrol. Hide your penis.
by jackattackballsack April 16, 2010
A day celebrated in financial circles every week because of the FDIC's propensity to shut down and take over troubled banks on a friday so as to minimize the impact on the stock market.
"Happy FDIC Friday everybody! 2 more banks gone today!"
by MonkeyMan1140 December 13, 2008