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Stands for "For Crying Out Loud", The original phrase being popularized by the television show Stargate. Common to online first-person shooters. Intended to parody other acronyms such as FFS.
InternetNitwit1: "FFS, leran to play ur class noob!"
by ThatsMyKit June 07, 2005
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Shorthand for "For Crying Out Loud". Used in internet chats when n00bs just won't shut the hell up, or when someone says something completely unbelievable.
n00b : I just shat on my foot.
chatuser : fcol.


n00b : Hey everybody, I just ate a live flounder!
chatuser : fcol.
by KiloWatts October 19, 2004
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It's another way of saying C.O.L ( means Crying Out Loud )
F.C.O.L means For Crying Out Loud Its better 2 say then C.O.L
OMG ( Oh My God ) why did you fall down that stair F.C.O.L
by Kristoffer R Nilsen June 02, 2007
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(pronounced "eff-call") - For Crying Out Loud.

Used as an expression of frustration. Synonymous with "Sweet Baby Ray's!"
RFT: "Hey, guys! I'm here to flirt with Amy... and any other girl!"

Man: "F-COL, Richie. Always messing up the crewnity!"
by AnonyMousssse May 12, 2010
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The acronym used in most commonly referring to the RVA BBS known as FireChat Online.
I was on FCOL the other day, and there were actually people online.
by Spazure Silicon February 11, 2004
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