Coochie that is particularly fine: high end pussy on a classy ass bitch.
Aye girl, let me lick yo cucci.
by Sappho3010 June 1, 2017
The vagina of a female "hypebeast." Having sexual intercourse with someone who has a Cucci will mean that you too are a "hypebeast." The quality of the Cucci is differs based in the brand the "hypebeast" wears, for example: someone wearing supreme will have a supreme Cucci.
"Dude, like walk up to the that hypebeast chick and ask if you can lick her Cucci."

"Dude, like no way, I'm not a hype beast man."
by Gutlesstexas March 29, 2018
goochie-coochie designer vagina, top notch pussy, only the best and definitely not cheap!
kamee has got some gucci cucci! that shit was tight!
by krissykups March 9, 2008
Yeah, Samantha is bi. She got cucci lips bro !
by Joker456 April 17, 2012
The way to say coochie on roblox without getting reported
Damn why can’t I swear on here?

Don’t worry say Horse cucci
by Imajellyfishbish August 22, 2019
a phrase meaning all is good in the hood, ya heard? ain't no problem, all is ight and tight.
"alex, all is gucci cucci"
by BigDickAnna2201 November 6, 2018