Flash Back Friday.

Typically used on a social media site, as a hashtag.
by Jaydeny77 February 21, 2014
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Fake Boy Friend
(Usually acted by a childhood friend or a gay friend)
Katy: That guy is staring at me... he's kinda creepy
Cathy: Quick call gay John
Katy: Why?
Cathy: He makes an awesome FBF
by CostALotAMoney February 11, 2018
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Female Best Friend- The best friend of yours that is a female.
Kyle why don't you hang out with us anymore?

Well, it's because Beth is my FBF fam, you gotta understand.
by s.fhjejmrhjfghn December 04, 2016
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Foul Bachelor Frog. An Advice Dog Spin-off. One of the only good ones, since almost all /b/tards can relate.
Oh wow, another FBF thread. Haven't seen one of these in fucking 10 minutes.
by brett69xxx June 28, 2010
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Foul Bachelor Frog, sometimes refereed to as "Facebook frog".

The FBF is a well know "meme" on 4chans /b/ random board, it is a picture of a bullfrogs head with a green pattern background, people add text on a website called meme generator that is agreeable and adheres to "foul bachelor behavior". This is one of the most popular memes on the /b/ board as many people who frequent /b/ can relate to it.

The text that people put on the picture is usually in a simple "event" - "reaction" context (see examples)

The text, when done properly usually contains a common, normally undesirable character trait being expressed, such as wearing dirty clothing, "fapping" (masturbating) into a sock, wearing a fapped into sock, microwaving a harddrive out of paranoia, not caring about surroundings, being disoriented about what time it is after an unexpected nap, etc. etc.
(Top) See picture of rotting dick on /b/

(Bottom) Fap 2 minutes later

(Top) Clothing worn once on the floor
(Bottom) Floordrobe

(Top) Wake up, see 2:00 on the clock
(Bottom) Look out window to see if AM or PM

You get the gist of it. FBF.
by Tater Topher July 27, 2010
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"Dude, I've been FBFing with this girl for the past couple of days, finally meeting up with her today."
"Yeah bro, FaceBook Flirting"
"Dude, I FBF with shmits all day!"
by thedean May 25, 2012
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