The Sopranos” is on TV again, but it's on an mainstream channel with that idiotic, repressive censorship; FAI.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ December 21, 2011
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(Verb, and/or Adjective)
F.A.I. is an acronym standing for "Forget about it". BUT is said with a MUCH MORE serious meaning. It is only to be used by someone with sincere feelings of a heavy heart, with much sadness, loss, or strong regret.

When someone cannot think of any other words to describe how they feel, they just know it hurts. When the issue at hand is out of their control (They're feeling hopeless to fixing or mending the problem). This is usually with a lot of regret and resentment for any decisions made leading up to the problem, even if it wasn't their fault they usually feel like it is regardless. They have no hope to feeling better, and they feel there is no other options left but to try and distract themselves from the "source" of the sadness or heart ache. hints: "Forget" about it.

It is said to describe something completely horrific, or devastating. when someone is experiencing extreme loss or sadness.
when something very painful happens to someone, and they feel much regret in the situation and have no hope of mending the situation or the pain they are feeling or may have caused to others in the posses.
Examples of use and situations:

1. I just totaled my brothers car off the side of the freeway when a simi-truck crashed in front of me.... FAI ..Sitting at the hospital playing angry birds.

2. Sometimes I make blind mistakes that don't seem bad at all until the end results come in horrific. Everyone has those choices to make, Juice or water? cook dinner or order in? ...taking 5 more minutes to clean the kitchen, or do it when I get home? It seems like I'm the person who takes the 5 minutes and I'm late, or I leave the dishes for later and I get in a car wreck on the way to work. They seem like meaningless choices until the results come in and your left with the 'what if', and a devastating result. well, FAI there's nothing I can do now.

3. I try really hard to do all I can. But a lot of the time things just don't go my way, if it's not one bad thing its another always interfering with my day. I always think, I should have done this or that and just maybe I could have avoided some issues. I wanted to make it to this new job on time, but my car just wouldn't start, I couldn't walk to it on the other side of town, and no one was available to give me a ride... I walked to it regardless as fast as I could, But needless to say they were closed well, FAI..
by Author33 May 20, 2013
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Sheridan: hey what are you watching?

Mitchell: a girl having a fay fay
by Natzie September 06, 2014
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The most beautiful girl you could ever lay your eyes on. Secretly a genius, she'll make smart comments but not make you feel dumb. Although she's clumsy, she's a real athletic star. She has the craziest stories and dreams, and she makes you laugh every time she talks. Everyone wants a Fay but no one deserves her. You're the luckiest person alive if you get a Fay in your life.
Omg she's so CUTE. Such a Fay...
by cooliokiddo999 May 05, 2019
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An smart girl who is often shy but when it comes to loved ones she is really caring she is not popular but has a lot of loyal friends she is not worried about herself she cares for others
Friend:"Fay I need your help I'm freeking out"
Fay:"what's wroung? Are you ok?"
by baby Gandalf July 28, 2015
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beautiful, intelligent, caring, loves everyone around her, doesn’t curse a lot but when she does it’s shocking. and ‘biuk’, as in she can be super dumb and stupid out of no where. overall, everyone wants to be a Fai.
by sipdamothafuckintea September 21, 2019
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used to define a person who falls in love quickly with almost every guy they meet.
Tina: Last night I spoke to Jack, I think I'm in love with him.
Me: Omg Tina don't be such a fai.
by akshayeaahh March 10, 2021
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