Sum huge ass bra size (F-cup) dat produces a cleavage that makes the grand canyon look like a crack on the wall.
Is that a cleavage or am I not looking close enough at that F-cup?
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F-cup is umm... How do i say this but it is a fantasy cup :p iknow right?

And it is a point where every flatchested girls get jealous and especialy my girlfriend she has a-cups and jealous of my sister that has f-cups ahem... Srry bout that imean ithink f-cups are just dirty sluts that filled them with silicone
Tor:Miami has f-cups?! Thats fantasy cups she has

Me:Ugh my sister has f cups wich pisses me the hell out she always put them on my head which are very heavy!
by Fantasy writer 101 March 30, 2017
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Jap cookies that will give you big F-cup breasts instead of a big ass.

Contains a "herbal breast enhancer". F-cup in Japan is DD here.
Kid 1: Oh gosh she's got big tits, I bet those are fake.
Kid 2: Nah she's just been eating too many F-cup cookies.
Kid 3: No actually, those are fake.
Kid 1 and 2: Oh.
by anathemaa July 13, 2009
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