The name for a group on Xbox Live, short for "Federation of Asshole Gamers". The F@G are a bunch of a assholes who make everyone's day a little bit worse on Xbox, for their own personal enjoyment. F@G videos on youtube are a great source of entertainment.
Stop betraying me, F@G
You're a F@G, kid
Don't shoot me again, F@G
Give me my sniper, F@G
by I Need 2 Bukks September 4, 2009
One of the four leaders of the Federation of Asshole Gamers, or F@G. While the person behind the infamous robotic voice remains unknown, the fact is still that the F@G Robot is undoubtedly hilarious (most of the time).

You can find his videos on YouTube (
Badkid Random: You're such a faggot!

F@G Robot: You jelly?
by ConstantVelocity September 20, 2010
its a FUNCTION!!! :O


oh em eff of gee

not much unlike

om em eff of gee of x, don't you pass your math classes!
by Lucificifus March 31, 2005
Go Fuck a Goat.

or, to procreate with a goat.
"Man, that guy just needs to G. F. A. G."

Why are you talking in acronyms? And yes, he does.
by Risky Plissken December 23, 2008
originally the two notes my nephew was to play in the Christmas program, is now the family word for any effing thing
Dang, I can't get the f and g computer to work.
by dflgirlygirl December 22, 2008
Abbreviation for Flip-n-Grip. An Asian massage parlor where you get jerked off at the end of the massage. Or after they are done rubbin' you down, they flip-n-grip. That is if they massage you at all...
Man, there was this fine ass little ho at the F 'n' G last night that blew my mind!
by Punkbrad May 17, 2006