You know that book report we did? I totally got F'ed in the A by that one.
by Tom Geaslen November 11, 2005
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to lose,get owned,or get goated on. usually makes your A hole bigger.
Dom got F'ed in the A by the cig-head next door.
by goats November 6, 2004
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To end up feeling like your soul was just raped, losing any sense of well-being and praying that you won't get something permanent out of the deal.
John could solve the energy crisis but he got F'ed in the A when the neocons and theocons thought they wouldn't like it and they made him a person of interest and no one would talk with him after he lost his job.
by Bob Cain February 26, 2006
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Used as an abbreviation of fucked up. Could also be written as "effed"
"Man that is f'ed up. I can't believe you broke up over text."
by LiloActive October 7, 2018
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