F&P stands for Fuck and Punch. At the the conclusion of a one night stand, the girl punches the guy in the face as hard as she can, then proceeds to leave without ever explaining. Note: The chick will never have recollection of the event.
Julia: "How'd it go last night?"

Stef: "It went awesome. Not only was he large and in charge, I also F&P-ed the bastard too."
by crazygirljulia September 17, 2011
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fair play,similar to fair enough as in what you have just said is acceptable, or makes sense. It is an abbreviation.
Y="I'm going to dye my keyboard using plastic dye"
Y= Because at the moment it's beige and I want it black"
x ="well that's f/p"
by Liz Smith May 02, 2008
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word used by younger people to take the place of a bad word..usually the word fucking
first used by: Trina Goffinet & Joshua Henke
You f-p-p-f-in bitch!
Where the f-p-p-f are my rainbow boots?!
by midnightmatchbox March 21, 2009
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Bisexuals for Planet liberation (B.F.P.L)
"B.F.P.L" Bisexuals for Planet liberation Acronym. B.F.P.L started in the early 60s as a spinoff splinter group of bohemian Marxist society (B.M.S) B.F.P.L The movement saw a big increase from 56 members residing mostly in Berkley and San Francisco to three thousand or more with the invent of twittering and flash mobs. B.F.P.L are frequent twitters and communicate mostly via twitter and sms messinging.
Example: Johny is a member of "B. F. P. L."
by bfpl lad April 20, 2011
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