Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.
by Papayakiwisneklover February 05, 2019
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w/f/e is an add on to w/e(What ever) meaning What Fucking Ever. Used for situations in witch one person doesn't give a shit about something someone else has to say.
Guy1: arent i just a big ball of confusion and retarted fun?
Guy2: lol
Guy2: retard has a D in it
Guy1: w/f/e
by Edwardo the great July 12, 2009
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"You gotta map? We're in the middle of B F E!" "I'm outta here - this is B F E."
by bb June 19, 2006
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Within literal meaning of itself, it is a state of being that empowers positive energy, the essence of it's own existence.
by MJAD-GODZILLA March 26, 2017
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Feet behind ears: The naked position of a woman laying on her back with her feet behind her ears...
The F-B-E is a sexcellent kama sutra position where the man puts the woman's feet behind her ears, and penetrates her in the vagina and or buttocks...

Last night I gave Shaquanda the FBE...
by Hugh G Reckshen March 21, 2006
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the best gamers ever bred usually starting with the letter F later on given daddy from pwning noob gamers
F dad E just pwned justin on halo 3
by franko 23 March 08, 2009
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fundamentally, an electronic announcement of a boyfriend/girlfriend. phonetically, rhymes with 'bf'. usually referred to as in the context of a relationship status on a social networking site, i.e. facebook, myspace.
hey, did you hear about bree's new e-f?

yeah they've been going out for a while but she just changed her status on her facebook to in a relationship.

wow, they must be getting serious
by DanielWebz July 22, 2009
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