Also: F#

a) A musical note, followed by G, preceeded by F.
b) A profane gesture. Join thumb and middle finger together, and gently extend index, ring, and pinky fingers. Can be used with or without the curse.
c) A curse. Similar to "Fuck you" though less intense. Usually used among friends in a joking manner, often accompanied by the gesture mentioned above.
"F SHARP YOU!" *insert F# gesture here*

"Hah. You can't hit a C, but I can!" *insert F# gesture here*

"TRUMPETS! F FLIPPIN SHARP!" *shake F# gesture*
by DMHSband November 27, 2006
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Abbr. F*cking Sharp
Used to describe the appearance of someone's attire, in that the clothing is well fitted and well suited to the wearer. Generally used to describe timeless classics such as a well tailored 3-piece suit or a little black dress
That suit is F-Sharp, my good man.
by chasmsofclams November 15, 2018
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the best musical key ever and nobody can tell me otherwise
-allows you to go into optimal bass frequency range
-decent number of sharp notes without being excessive
-sounds extremely pleasant in any chord progression. not joking. you can stick an f sharp minor chord anywhere and it will fit like a puzzle piece
guy 1: this beat that some guy posted is in f sharp minor. it slaps so hard
guy 2: nah you should check this other beat. its in c minor
*guy 1 immediately pulls out a knife and stabs guy 2 to death*
by thelankyboi November 23, 2021
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the necessity of trying a proposal out fully before writing it off as a shit idea
tom: hey man, lets play the chorus in F sharp man

jason: wtf? that'll sound like your mum dude, no way!

tom: F sharp principle mofo
by bl4gg3r March 19, 2013
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a derogatory shortened phrase for a faggot.
Nick: Silk your a fuckin faggot.

Joe: Relax with the F-sharp
by certifiedF-sharp April 23, 2022
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