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She's the prettiest girl on earth, even though she has teeth like ahorse. She laughs a lot but disturbingly. She laughs abouteverything. But it's still satisfying to hear herlaugh. If you ever need someone who talks about your lame jokes, she is the one for you. She's funny, nice, sexy, purposeful and crazy. She's never satisfied with herself even though she isperfect. She has a big fatass, but never wants to admit it. She gets grumpy when she gets bad grades (which rarely happens). She loves nachos, adores to read and lovesmemes. She loves K-pop but is not her only taste in music. She adores and knows all anime and manga. She has roots from Turkey. She does not judge you and is always nice to everyone. She will tell you her opinion straight in the face. You can tell her allyour worriesshe will understand you in every situation. Secrets are safe with her. She can not comfort you well, but she can make you laugh even more when you're happy. If you need help with your homework, she has the solutions ready. Never lose her, because if you lost her once, you'll never get her back. It will never be the same again. It will be hell on earth for you. You need her in your life. This girl is worth to love. Once you get to know her you want to be her best friend. She is pretty good at everything. Everybody likes her. You have no choice she is perfect. It's worth spending your life with her. She loves dogs especiallyPomaranians. Never try to cheat on Ezo. She is anEzo.
,,Do you see her booty?"
,,Yes, I am so jealous."
,,I think it's an Ezo.''
,,I want to be her''
,,Me too''
by k-hope June 10, 2018
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