Ezgi is pure perfection. She knows how to make you laugh, and listens to you. She gives great advice and has the best fashion taste ever. Ezgi's are often very pretty too. Most Ezgi's have brown hair and sometimes blue eyes. When you know an Ezgi, you better hold tight cause she is amazing and she knows how to lightin' up your day. But sometimes Ezgi's can be sad too. She will think about eveything at once and her thoughts will kill her. Ezgi's never lie, they will deny. But when they do lie, it's because they don;t wan't to hurt someone. When an Ezgi falls in love with a person. She'll fall hard, and she will do anything to make that person happy ♡
''Ezgi is so nice, i'm glad i have her in my life''
''How in the world can Ezgi be so funny?!''
''Woah there's so much sexiual tension between me and Ezgi''
''Ezgi has a great ass holly shit''
by Lilpieceofshit November 13, 2013
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Ezgi is a Turkish female first name. Its meaning in English is "melody".
Girls whose name are Ezgi usually don't like their names, while others (non-Ezgis) have a great sympathy towards it.
_Hey Ezgi, looking hot today!
_Like always sugah, like always.
by noxeen February 20, 2010
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Ezgi is the best person you will ever meet in your entire lifetime. She is ready to make friends with anyone and is the person everyone comes to for advice. Although she loves helping other people, sometimes she wants someone to check up on her. Ezgis are usually really pretty and have brown hair with a stunning bod.
Wow is that Ezgi? I want to make her mine someday!

That ass could flatten me any day!
by Iloveyourdadandhelovesmybum November 24, 2021
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Ezgi is a kind and sweet girl but she thinks that iced tea is a carbonated drink.
Ezgi: See, Nestea has citric acid in it!
Person: That's not carbonated either, Ezgi.
by ARandomUserNo.2 December 16, 2019
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Omg that girl Ezgi is so funny

Dude Ik! I wish I was Ezgi
by whoisthisdddjdj February 9, 2021
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one of a kind in the profession of getting back with your ex
"duzgun tipli zeki cocuk iste"
"ezgi sen bir malsin"
by agan desu September 29, 2019
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