A funny handsome guy who knows how to dress.

Eyal is a french name that stands for a very creative guy.
(girl #1) OMG I want to name my son Eyal.

(girl #2)well duh look at him being gorgeous.
by @@g March 24, 2019
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A witty handsome righteous and fearless man with a bold personality and a lively sense of humor
ah, Eyal.... You son of a gun, we need more people like you around here
by rawdogingbagel February 19, 2016
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a place where evry now n then on a sunday a group of atheletes aged 11-16 from four out of bout 20 athletics clubs in the east of england come together at a certain track compete at athletic events.
marcus- yo son u doin eyal on sunday
boxers- yea blud it's gon b hectic
marcus- word im gonna own ma race
boxers- oh yea bled!?! u cant even run a bath
by s.p. June 02, 2004
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A serial scammer who brazenly steals millions from people while globe trotting only to end up in jail.
Dude, you don’t want to put that in the deck, are you trying to Eran Eyal this thing?
by CryptoSavantRoger June 09, 2020
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he is the stupedest person in the whole world!!
you are as stupid as eyal kremer, nope sorry you can't be more stupid than he is...
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
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a guy with the most stupid sister on earth
my brother got a camera for his birthday, and all i got was this puf!
by E.L. Cool July 03, 2003
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