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chammaks are people in dubai (and sharjah) that try so hard to be part of the "cool gang". they wear branded items all the time and half of their closet are rip offs. they smoke to fit in and legit cough after every puff and dont know how to hold a cig properly. they drink everyday and claim they are depressed by posting depressing simpson music videos on their snapchat story almost everyday. they do glue and galaxy and sniff the glue off a mountain dew bottle like we cant see it. they also probably get their dokha set taken away everyday and still manage to steal or buy a new one. also theyre very broke and always tryna act slick and shit, if u see a group of teenagers in dubai motorcity or dubai marina, they are chammaks
guy 1: "lets go hangout with that group, they seem cool"
guy 2: "wtf bro theyre chammaks i aint embarassing myself like that"
guy 1: "oh"
by imnotachammak May 30, 2018
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