Character Copy, a Cut and Paste. In fanfic or roleplaying communities, particularly the text based or tabletop varieties, an expy is a character heavily based off of an already established canon character from popular culture or media. The expy will often retain most, if not all of the established character's aesthetics and abilities with only a simple palette swap or small token change to outfit, hairstyle or eye color to differentiate between the two physically. Character histories can also be blatant rip offs of the source material. The term is most often used derisively as a critique against lazy or uncreative players during character generation. Often linked with compulsive Mary-Sueism.
I can't play D&D with John any more. It's impossible to have fun when his monk is a freaking Goku expy.
by firehawk September 24, 2013
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This words is short for the Ford Expedition. It is a large suv.
I went to the dealership and bout an expy.
by Billy Macs May 3, 2021
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The new Nikes are mad expy.

I wanted to take an Uber but it was too expy so I took the subway instead.
by halftimestwo March 25, 2023
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Common term used in online games, meaning its filled with experience, or that you would obtain such experience by it being destroyed
RobotZorro 6:51pm
wow expy :D

haloguy48 6:51pm
zeal, I do not care how many you got. I have this 9021 Sai Meka +

XxzealXx 6:49pm
71 Brightlance Meka + 65 Cyclops Meka 89 Super Nova Meka
by ollivermg April 2, 2010
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a describing word that pretty much means that whatever you're describing awesome....

(I am probably the only person who can spell this word.... so ur welcome ^^ )
EX: That milkshake was super-cali-fraga-listic-expi-ali-docius!
by xxREBELIOUSxx May 23, 2013
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A slang word for perfect or excellent
Boy: It’s docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-repus ...

Girl: Uh, what? Is that the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards?

Boy: Yeah. I’ve just learned it from my best friends.
by bluestinger66 July 30, 2022
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