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A program made by Adobe used to manipulate images.

Also a term for an image manipulated with the software, which is usually a combination of two or more unrelated images.
Dude, he photoshopped Hitler's face onto Clinton's body! That is totally ninja!
by Legato February 18, 2003

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When someone says something stupid that they have no proof of. For example, "The Space Shuttle was destroyed by TERRORISTS!"
That asshat's talking out of his ass again
by Legato February 18, 2003

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When something blows the fuck up, usually in a totally ninja manner.
Dude, did you see that horse EXPLODE?! That was totally sweet!
by Legato February 19, 2003

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I wouldn't say such things about someone you don't know. Especially one with such power. If you want to say something about me, please say it to my face. I might consider killing you faster. Yes, I am creepy, manipulative, evil, somewhat psycotic, have a SERIOUS dislike twords humans and have tele powers that I don't think anyone would be fool enough to tamper with.
The night is young and the world is younger.
by Legato October 22, 2003

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Slang for "bitchin'" or "totally sweet." Popular in the ghetto.
This new CD is phat ass, yo.
by Legato February 18, 2003

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a person with a big tummy and a booming voice
Yo momma so big and loud, she's like an anthony.
by legato July 19, 2012

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A dangerous h4x0r wanted for deletion of two message boards that he was foolishly given moderation rights on. If spotted, slowly disconnect your modem from your computer. Do not make any sudden movements.
Man, that fuckhead Legato B just trashed Development Discussion! What an asshat!
by Legato February 18, 2003

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