Hey Tosh and Chris whats your excise.
by qwertyuaiaia November 1, 2014
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Excision is one of the sickest dubstep DJ's ever to walk the planet. His best mixes are his Shambhala mixes. Go to Google and look up "Excision Shambhala Soundcloud" and that'll take you to some sick-ass shit.
Excision is one of the sickest DJ's I've ever heard.
by wharblegurbleh December 13, 2010
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adv. when something is so exact and precise that the two words alone do not do it justice.
"So 16 x 16 = 256?"
by d4ve19 September 24, 2008
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A combination of Exactly and Precisely, as used by Tarwedge, because normal words just arent good enough for him.
Person 1: so everything Tarwedge says and does is right?
Person 2: Excisely
by Tarwedge May 12, 2003
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1. Elite PvP gamers that lay waste to any and all that cross their path.
2. Epic incarnate.
3. To cut away the useless.
"OMGWTF!?!?! Those lowbie clowns bent me over and ran the Excision train up my tunnel! :(" -Mannick
by Freaky Deakey January 31, 2011
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Got meh nose broke during Vicer Exciser!
by ZOMGBBQPEWPEW December 14, 2008
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Undercover police officers that walk around parking lots at concerts or other events looking for any minors drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, using tobacco, or any other illegal thing you can think of. They will dress in common street attire and typically will be in small groups or spread out in the same area. Will present badge, ask age and for i.d., if you have done anything wrong they will arrest you. If you are a minor, they will usually call your parents and have them pick you up, but if they are assholes they might take you to juvenile detention. If you are an adult, jail. A very ridiculous group of people whom have nothing better to do with their lives than ruin other peoples nights.
Concert Goer #1: Yo man why didn't you meet up with us at the Dave Matthews Band concert?

Concert Goer (myself) #2: Sorry dude I got arrested in the parking lot by the Excise Police because I was smoking a cigarette and I had seven joints in my cigarette pack. I'm in deep shit!

Concert Goer #1: Dude that sucks! That's the second year in a row that's happened to you.
by MrMojoRisin_41 September 9, 2008
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