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Evin makes a bad ass a guy, but an even more bad ass girl. Evins don't take people's bullshit, and won't hesitate to kick ass if necessary. Probably one of the coolest kinds of people to date, very laid back, fun, and likes to wrestle. Evins can be quite high-maintenance creatures, they like to look their best at all times, and usually do. The Evin can be vain and selfish, and is very obsessed over money and material goods. An Evin is someone who is very driven and has big dreams. They will make a name for themselves, you can't put an Evin down.
Dude 1: Did you see his girlfriend? Total bad ass!
Dude 2: Yeah man, that's Evin.

Chick 1: Her boyfriend is so hot.
Chick 2: Uh, duh. That's an Evin!
by IronRunner November 21, 2012
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A more kick-ass version of Evan. Enjoys listening to Indie music and being generally awesome. Also dislikes jellyfish.
My Evin will totally kick your Evan's ass!
by jellyfishlover February 05, 2010
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a totally boss rebel who is always stoked and has a rockin bod and awesome collection of hats.
"I really enjoy your multicolored hats. You are such an Evins"
by iheartalexchen September 04, 2011
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Evin is a girl, who is sometimes dumb and kind of acts like a baby. She likes to kick ass and has brown hair and big crystal blue eyes.She can be annoying but is really cute when comes to it.
Guy 1: Wow, look at her! She just kicked that guys ass
Guy 2:I know right, she has amazing blue eyes too!
Guy 1: What do you say about her hair?It flows along like a bird.
Guy 2:Well, She must be an Evin!
by GalaxyGaming February 15, 2018
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Crocodile, he likes to get stoked in his swap and enjoys swimming in toilets for fun.
I went to Florida and saw a Evin chilling in the swamp.
by RamenHasNiceTits March 13, 2019
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1: Did you see Evins last night
2: yea the only thing he wanted to do was fuck
by Dickeywand February 07, 2019
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