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A 3 square mile city right outside of boston bordering charlestown,medford,chelsea,malden,and revere.The whites all hang together there like a big community when they all get together they love drinkin and fightin and partyin pretty much.The blacks you can find at alot of basketball courts playin basketball and the rec afta school thats why the rec smells like shit.The spanish live with about 8 people in a room and not 1 has a car they all drive bikes because they cant get a license because they have no green card.Everyone hates the brazilians they suck most of them are gay legit not 1 of them can fight there way out of a wet paper bag.Glendale park mens softball game nights pundin beers across from the police station.Friday night high school games startin fights with the otha teams fans.Everett is the best place if you want to find a dunkin donuts and nail salons.Theres alot of corner stores.Drugs on every street.Alot of stabbings overdoses and some shootings murders happen here but it doesnt get out there/news because Everett politics cover it up.Everett has the best sports in mass.
Everett Mass motha fuckas (Dirty E)
I went to Everett ma and was fuckin around with the little white kids and they made 1 phone call and about 50 turned the corner comen down in cars walkin and runnin they kick some ass mothas fuckas are crazy
by Everett stay white October 07, 2008
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