1 definition by Boston 617

A 3 square mile city right outside of boston bordering Charlestown,Medford,Chelsea,Malden,and Revere.All the White kids hang together there like a big community when they all get together they dont take no shit and they love to drink and fight.The blacks you can find at alot of basketball courts ballin up and goin to the rec afta school thats probly why the rec stinks like shit.The spanish live with about 8 in a room haha and not one of them owns a car because not one of them has there green card and if u get a green card doesnt mean your a american get that straight.The brazilians evrybody hates them they all wear jeans that run up there ass with all holes and them and shit and all spike there hair with 10 pounds of hair gel and walk around like there the shit and tough but not one of them can fight for there life.Everett massachusetts is great to get dunkin donuts and go to hair salons because there everywhere.We love friday night highschool games fightin with the otha teams fans afta the game.Mens softball league pundin beers in Glendale across from the police station.Everett has the best sports in massachusetts no doubt about it kid cant beat us.Everett mass (dirty E) motha fuckas
I went to Everett,Ma messing around with soem white kid that was only with 3 of his boys and they made a phone call and about 50 came down within 5 mins between the ages of 14-22 there crazy they kick some ass
by Boston 617 October 9, 2008