Coffee brewed hot then cooled down and put in a cup with ice. Optionally, tons of cream and sugar are added.
This Dunkin Donuts ice coffee is sex in a cup
by StoneTear October 23, 2004
frame of mind in which the subject is hot and gettin cooler
that dude's got it all. he's iced coffee.
by omar hesse July 11, 2008
Usually a big ass dependence, especially for Ashton Irwin
“Are you an Ashton Irwin?” = “Are you an iced-coffee addicted?”
by kissedbythedarkness_ April 20, 2019
a dessert which is a cold version of coffee
i would like an iced coffee for dessert
by John's big brain May 14, 2021
The act of putting crushed ice in your ass, ejaculating in someone's mouth and squeezing in the ice. Gargle and ENJOY!
Crystal loves "Ice Coffee" on a hot day.
by Joe Trio October 27, 2007