Chelsea is a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States directly across the Mystic River from the city of Boston. It is the smallest city in Massachusetts in land area, and the 26th most densely populated incorporated place in the country. There are 50,000 people crammed into 2 square miles. The population is 99.9% Hispanic/Latino. The only White people are the cops. Please bring an English/Spanish dictionary when visiting because Chelsea is like another country.

There are many liquor stores and drug dealers. You can freely buy and sell any type of drug you desire at Bellingham Square. Yeo, herb, oxy's etc...In fact, the benches at the bus stops are full of dope heads nodding off from heroin use.
Yo-I gotta drive out to Chelsea, MA to meet my connect. I need some perico
by parrot nose February 23, 2012
A 2-square mike neighborhood of Boston located on the city’s north side. It is incredibly dense (with over 50,000 people crammed into Chelsea’s borders) and has a high concentration of Hispanics. It borders Charlestown to the southwest, East Boston to the southeast, Revere to the northeast/east and Everett to the north and west.
If you’ve ever driven down Route 1 from Lynnfield to Dedham, you’ve driven through Chelsea, MA — it’s the dense area right before the Tobin.
by Blind Bostonian March 12, 2020