1. (noun) A lard-assed, big-bellied Sow-bitch from Africa who pops-out children and abandons them to be molested by her pedophile brothers, all of whom have different fathers (see also: FAT WHORE) ;

2. (verb) To do something vile, disgusting or disloyal to a friend or family member and then become enemies when they are angry at you.

3. (adjective) superlative modifier for all things flabby, evil or heinous; used to describe a higher level of awfulness.

"I'd say Rosie O'Donnel was a EURY, but that wouldn't be fair."

"Why not?"

"Because as far as I know, she doesn't hand over her children to pedophile half-brothers."

"Excellent point!"


"So I took a shit on her keyboard at work and sent a photo of it to her manager."

"Harsh! Wasn't she mad about that?!?"

"YES, IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! HOW DARE SHE GET MAD AT ME!!! So...we're not friends anymore!"



"Did you see that decaying dead seal on the beach? It smelled really bad!"

"Dude, it smelled EURY bad!!! And it was mad fat...like EURY fat!!!"
by Motherslut_Fozazzy September 19, 2013
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A Eurys is a pretty trashy person it depends on which one you have. A Eurys maybe good at games but they are dicks so careful if you're looking for A Eurys. Careful cause those Eurys are gay some of them adore dicks ONLY SOME
Person 1: Have you talked to Eurys yet?
Person 2: Oh that dick I will never
by Eurys May 21, 2018
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