The female version of a Eugene. The Eugena is very similar to other species such as the feminist some would even say they were the same. They are usually very fat unlike the male version, and they'll do anything for attention. Although they dont necessarily support feminism and SJW's they are frequentley seen in useless rally's and demonstrations. Unlike the male if offended they won't cause harm to actual human's but instead cause harm to themselves, and this is linked to them doing anything for attention. Not recommended to approach the eugena unless you have experience in handling with these creatures. If you don't know how to identify a eugena they can often be seen in excessively attention seeking clothes and coloured hair.
She is a Eugena, be careful what you say and do.
by TzToxic August 21, 2017
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A female, usually unattractive in appearance. They can be seen listening to BTS and wear all black. They are typically distant with society and Anti-Social. Just like a Eugene this species is not to be messed with as they will shoot up the school if triggered enough.
Eugena is not a joke! Run Chad!
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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The female version of a (Eugene) and usually a feminist. Eugena's are rejects from society and can only be found hnging near

A) Eugene
B) Posters of Justin Beiber
C) Her trusty 9mm.
See that Eugena? shes on her monthly time and may or may not have a gun on her person. Watch out!
by TehEugeneCoder January 29, 2019
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A Eugena is a female who is Typically closed off from society and everyone around her. She is also untrustworthy, loner, weird individual whose into depressing dark satanic stuff, cuts off all their hair into a fucked up bob or pixie haircut dyed black. Dresses in a all black clothes, wears a long trench coat and fedora Typically always black. A Eugena is a very dangerous female who like a eugene is responsible for violent acts, public shootings, stalking and other heinous crimes against innocent people they feel have wronged them, or simply didn't comply with their wants. These types of Females are more psychotic than crazy ass feminist.
When you see a Eugena dressed in all black with a black trench coat and fedora on. Hair in a fucked up bob or pixie cut hair dyed black reach into her bag. That means you need to fucking run cause this bitch is psychotic. If you see a eugena stalking you everywhere, And see her outside your window your in trouble run bitch run.
by ladyj90sbaby August 19, 2017
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a pretty girl who can eat a lot.
wow she can eat a lot! but she's no eugena.
by boniqua lee November 4, 2010
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