Another name for Cannabis, used usually by students.
"Oi bro, grab us some Eucalyptus on your way to town"
"Yeah man, I got you."
by BTeck October 13, 2015
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A word that can be used to conclude any sentence in any given situation regardless of circumstances.

It is also fairly arousing.
Sam: "turns out that squirrel kept jogging all day!"


Tom: "haha sigh.........eucalyptus"
by bear scary May 25, 2009
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1- Word used to deconcentrate and adversary/ies while playing cards. Works best when you hit the table on which you are playing on while shouting it out without the slightest idea of what you are doing and ignoring the fact you ever said anything.

2- May also be use at the last word of a card game symbolizing the euphory of winning. This might also cause a side effect which is the unceasing laughter of you and your adversary/ies.
1-*Hits the table*
Player 1: Eucalyptus!
Player 2: ..... wait what?
Player 1: What?

2-*Hits the table*
Player 1: Eucalyptus!
Player 2: ..... wait what?
Player 1: I don't know... but I win.
Both: *Unceasing laughter for an infinitly stupied reason*
by Captain Solo November 13, 2007
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The devils lettuce causing younger generations to go blind, eat and absorb the souls of babies to keep their youth.
Bro you hit to much eucalyptus, dude stop sucking me off were at Walmart
by Elideadeye April 05, 2018
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1. N. Actual name of a crack pipe or meth pipe. Usually only referred to as such when going to a head shop or smoke shop to purchase said product, as mention of illegal substances will void your sale.
Shopkeep: What can I do for you?
Crackhead: Can I trouble you for a six inch eucalyptus inhaler?
Shopkeep: Why, sure; would you prefer a straight one or a pre-bent one?
Crackhead: Straight, please.
by ElleC February 22, 2006
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Eucalyptus scholars

The Eucalyptus scholarship is a prestigious award given to those who exemplify qualities such as: extreme competence in deucebaggery, weakness of boners, and overall “put it right in my butt” attitude.

You may occasionally hear Eucalyptus Scholors making statements such as; “I’ll have a salad,” and “ That reminds me of something Shia LeBeouf once said”

If you find a Eucalyptus Scholar listening to music he is probably listening to Hootie and the Blowfish, Aqua, Alanis Morissete(particularly the song “Thank You”) and of course “Sweet Child of Mine” the Cheryl Crow version.
Dude, take off that scarf, you are acting like such a Eucalyptus Scholar right now.
by suckitstieglitz November 08, 2011
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