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Etters is the name of the post office serving Goldsboro, along with parts of Fairview Township and Newberry Township, York County, Pennsylvania. The name of "Etters," instead of "Goldsboro," was chosen because the name of "Gouldsboro" was already being used by a community in Wayne County, and U.S. Postal Service regulations prohibits the practice of giving two different post offices names which are the same or which sound similar enough that people would confuse the two. The Etters post office gained its name from a local American Revolutionary War veteran, Etter, who owned a tavern near Goldsboro which served as the mail drop-off point for the area. Mail sacks destined for the tavern were marked "Etter's."

The Etters post office is located on South Kister Street in Goldsboro.

While some local teens enjoy telling people that their town is so "backwoods" that it's not even on a map, others amuse themselves by telling people they don't live in a town, they live in a mailing address.

On October 27, 2002, an article appeared on the front page of the Harrisburg Patriot News entitled "Where the Heck is Etters?" that describes how people live in a place and have listed on their driver's licenses a place that is not on a map.

Used to be a quiet redneck town, now with the low income appartments available its full of naggers and niglets, ya dig.
Redneck 1: All dem there naggers be movin in here at Etters, now I gotsta lock ma car!

Redneck 2: Aw sheeit, I gots like 3 logs of skoal in ma truck "peeee-tink!"
nagger 1: You'z best be lockin your cars, I be stealin all you'z skoal!
by aN7hRaX August 13, 2008
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Derogatory Afrikaans word for pustular or lactative bodily fluids, most commonly associated with 'sleep' from the eyes or a popped blister.
That naaier, he's a real etter.

Wipe yo' etter off my pants poesface!
by Gutter$ludge January 26, 2006
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