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Ethnocentrism is the attitude and/or ideology concerning the relationship between an individual’s own group and other groups. Ethnocentrism occurs when negative value judgments are made about others based on the differences between one’s own culture and a foreign culture. Ethnocentrism occurs when an individual considers his culture/nation to be absolutely superior to other nations or cultures.
"you and youre ideas are bad and mine are better!"(dumbfucker)
by Jens-Fredrik November 15, 2004
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when a white cop sees a black man and knows hes carrying a pound of cocaine.
Damn that cop pulled my ass over again. He must be da ethnocentrism type. At least he didn't find our weed, guns, and stolen narcotics.
by captain kurk 69 November 19, 2010
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1. When a dog is haten cause u ain't him

2.a tendency ta vizzle alien groups or cultures from tha perspective of a bothas own dawg
Jim: Dude, Joe be haten muh race yo
Bill: Thaz wak, he is usin' ethnocentrism to mess wit ya
by cat in my haT March 22, 2007
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