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Person 1: Hey man you should look up what slipper in Estonian is

Person 2: That's suss
by CalsTheCalzone May 5, 2021
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when a black and a white person fuck a smurf till it cums
yo me and my buddy did estonian flag yesterday
by bigpapibin December 30, 2022
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after a drunken night of sexual debauchery being promised, and not upheld and then getting locked out of her room going to more condoms. After having to sleep in the hallway untill 7am after she woke revenge, taking a shit in her bathtub and locking the door behind you.
After Vlad left her a estonian surprise, he totally ignored her in class the next day.
by theFearedBeard October 22, 2011
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The messiest, most problematic and diarrhetic shit mankind has ever seen. Done for the sole purpose of making your husband clean it up.
I will smear my Estonian pancakes all over the toilet, the floor, and the walls.
by Ew but yas December 30, 2019
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An orchestral manoeuvre whereby one achieves maximum clarity and volume on the double bass by pressing one's knee in the back of the instrument. This in turn pushes the string into the left hand thereby producing a voluminous sound.
"Fuck man, Jaan keeps initiating the Estonian Spit Roast on his bass. The poor fucker is getting bruised like crazy!"
by B$$Lad May 12, 2015
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This is where the female steps behind the man, kneels behind him, and eats his asshole while uppercutting his ball sack. A variation of this consist of pulling on his schlong till he squeels like a dolphin verses eating his cornhole.
Jenny is a freak. She loved giving the Estonian Reach Around to me.
by Mishka-Moondog August 30, 2012
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National slap Estonian day is celebrated on the 2nd of September.

To take part you need to smack an Estonian. Sound easy? Thought so. Every tribute helps.
I am going to get rid of the sludge that is Estonia by slapping an estonian on Slap Estonian Day
by MajimaOwO August 22, 2022
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