A country boy, who sits in front of the TV and yells at it when he dies. Loves to kill animals while hunting season is in. Good dad and husband. Both when he wants to be and has to be. Not a very popular name. But special to be named it. Sometime called asston.
Eston, It's just a game. Damn laggers!

But,I didn't get to go hunting! Eston there's always next year.

Eston it will be ok, But He threw up in my mouth. He peed on me! He pinched me!
by Mommi10 February 7, 2010
Estonians who smoke ganja regulary
Estonia is the land of estoners
by pacman7 November 9, 2005
To be in the state of amazement or to be suprised
I was estonic when I found my wallet .
by Defintions for You December 7, 2016
a suicidal fag who hates life and failed a commiting suicide at least 5 times
Look at that fag, he must be Eston
by the last username December 10, 2021
The eston vest aka Graham Stewart Middlesbroughs hardest scaffolder, the man with 75 vests and 18 shell suits and walks around with the coat hanger still in them all.
by Purple akey May 19, 2021
a small pee pee boy who usually plays baseball. he’s kinda gay but you’re gonna still hangout with him because you know he doesn’t have a lot of friends and gets very awkaward boners around you.
“Wow that kids an Eston Rogers, look how he sits!”
by jhon mock December 4, 2018