an idiot that thinks hes sooooooo cool but really is just stupid
by wellthenthisname March 7, 2019
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The only person in the world that actually does bow and arrow as a hobby, he talks non stop about basketball and how will score a "fade away"
Espen Grime, how about you "fade away" like your dad
by Opsahl March 17, 2022
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iemand veel veel veel langer laten wachten dan je aangaf.
Iemand : "Geef me 2 sec dan ben ik er".

vriend : "hij gaat sowieso een espen pullen

ook die iemand : *20 min later* "Jo ik doe mee, WAT jullie zijn al begonnen. homo's ouwe"

vriend : "yepcock".
by Pindakaas1231513 July 28, 2020
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A skalla man who was a troll back in the days. He is a guy who likes binders.
You are such a jo espen
by Lolpøls December 15, 2017
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Cool YouTuber who likes fish🐟
Fish in the dish Lars Espen means fish
by Fisk Espen May 11, 2020
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