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Contrary to what some may believe, to pull an 'Espen' actually means achieving something larger than life, a supreme achievement few could only dream of.
That's one small step for an Espen, but a giant step for mankind, all of whom can only dream to be as great as him.
by mega2000 January 13, 2011
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"Ulrick" is a well known curse word reffering to the ancient, useless sea creature known as "The Ulrick".

Ulrick is a rare fish species living in the Arctic Ocean(Mesopelagic - found 50-1100 meters down). The Ulrick is a poor hunter. It's survival is depending on the hard work of other cods or flatfishes.

The Ulrick spends its days getting high on seaweed, occasionally checking in with the others to create the illusion of actually doing something constructive.

The Ulrick comes off as a highly threatening creature, with big spikes on its back. Some of them are black as night with light organs in random places on their bodies.

The light organs of this sea animal create lights by using a chemical process called "confusianus". Confusianus erupts whenever the creature is confused about it's surroundings, usually after eating way to much seaweed.

For this reason, the Ulrick often comes of as a fucking strobelight, moving around in random directions, looking for other peoples food in order to supress its never ending munchies.

In reality, the Ulrick is sad, harmless creature on the verge of extinction.

The curse word "Ulrick" is mostly used out of frustration.
Damn it Marge! This Ulrick-computer is useless!
by mega2000 January 13, 2011
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