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A shy guy in the night. When morning he will become a strongman who gains powers every second. He also has a crush on Lady Merlin.
Escanor is a shy man - Meliodas.
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An extremely powerful prideful strong character that makes snowflakes cry and froth at the mouth. He's also the Lion's Sin of Pride.
Escanor single-handedly stitched Meliodas' and his brothers' and father's asses into footballs and kicked them all the way to New Jersey .
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by Bob Chat September 17, 2019
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Basically a little shit that no one likes. He is homosexual.
Damn that kid is an escanor
by Faglord69420 January 15, 2019
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Escanor is known as "Escanor, The Lion Sin of Pride" and appears in the animated Netflix original "Seven Deadly Sins".
Escanor is a large bodied homosexual male with a killer mustache. who is often brandishing a large hand axe known as "Rhitta". because of his unique ability to harness the power of the sun to deliver pain upon his foes, it is often agreed upon that he is the strongest character to have appeared in the show thus far. He may be strong physically and magically, but his true strength comes from his massive heart. he is painfully in love with a man under the name of Gowther. but Gowther isn't attracted to other men. so he must always decline his wondrous displays of affection. all in all, Escanor is a beautifully mustached man just looking to kick ass and love other men.
Escanor: please Gowther! You are the only man for me!

Gowther: I understand that Escanor. But you must understand how I feel. I just don't really swing that way.
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by FiggyPuddinPops February 18, 2019
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