sama is a friend thats always there for you and never fails to make u feel better . shes a great listener and supporter , once u get close to her she becomes a very important person in your life , she is insanely pretty and wholesome
sama was the only one there for me through hard times
by jayjayyyyyyy November 15, 2019
A suffix to a name of a person with high values (Such as a queen, or a priest); A more formal name than san (see san)
"Ah, Queen Elizabeth-sama, it's such an honor to meet you."
by Exzentriker October 5, 2004
Formal part of speech in the Japanese language (title-suffix)

Japanese name suffix used to address a person whom is honored and seen as being of high value Such as a Govermnent Official, Elder, Priest, etc. More formal than san

"Jenny-sama! We are not worthy of your kindness!"

"You dog, how dare you speak to Miko-sama in such a manner!"
by Sinvex April 12, 2007
Sama is an Arabic girl name. The meaning of the name in Arabic is `sky`. The name Sama has not appeared in the US top 1000 most common names over the last 128 years and so the name sama is very unique!
The night walked down the sama with the moon in her hand.”
by saymyname123 May 8, 2009
sama is the epitome of greatness in human form.
look at that sama own.
by WATCHAAAA February 14, 2009
a girl whose vulnerable(not in a being raped kind of way -.-) to the world and has one person in the whole universe protecting her-every night and every day no matter where he is, and she would be waiting for him every night and everyday to be protected and loved while she loves him back--even more
sama's always going to be there for you and only you
by {[^.^]} March 8, 2008
A lot like the meaning of senpai meaning someone that you like except a different word for it.
Me: Gray~Sama from FairyTail is MINE!
by Breezy Allen May 15, 2016