To laugh uncontrollably hard, to the point that your jaw moves up and down after the laugh ends.
"Dude, I read Vice Dos and DON'Ts and it was so hilarious I erupted."

"My boyfriend used Tickle-Me-Elmo on me during foreplay and it was it so funny I erupted."
by Elmoruption December 14, 2009
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What happens when you mix two-hand tapping and early shredding at 120+ bpm and throw it on a Charvel Strat ripped apart and put back together. The very beginnings of modern guitar virtuosity, and the basis upon which every shred solo written was built. The pinnacle of precise skill, speed and progression.

Also, a very kickass Van Halen song.
I just played Eruption up to speed, and now I can't peel this orange.
by El Gordo October 21, 2004
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Dude, Carla gave me a total eruption on the night of our wedding! And it was our first time!
by Poete$$ July 14, 2014
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A Van Halen song that has one of the best guitars solos in the whole fucking world!!! I've heard alot of good fuckin guitar solos, but this is fuckin amazing. If you have not heard it, I strongly recommend you listen to it sometime. Or just pick up a Van Halen cd, cuz they fuckin rock!!!
Eddy Van Halen is one talented Mofo!!
by Super L March 14, 2005
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This form of musical sexual intercourse is initiated as the male partner sits on the bed playing funky slap bass while the female services him with oral sex. During this time, the male partner typically says things like "Yeah, bitch I be gettin' ma funk on wid ma bass, now you be gettin' yo groove on wid ma jimmy."
As the man feels he is approaching his orgasm, he will steadily increase the speed of his playing. Seconds before orgasm, he will remove his genetalia from the female's mouth, cast the bass aside and instead proceed to slap her face with his penis senselessly. In accordance with the fact that he is "slapping" with his penis, he will also continue to imitate funky bass sounds as the penis hits her face, to make it seem as though he was still playing. Typically, the male will say during this period "Ma dick be tight, and so be ma playin', bitch!" Upon orgasm, he will lay down an even eruption of semen onto her face and exclaim, "Damn bitch, ya make ma playin' so tight I broked a string." A period of role play will then ensue in which the male pretends to be a famous rock star and the female a groupie who damaged his "instrument."
During a 1985 Van Halen show, bassist Michael Anthony was reportedly seen by drummer Alex Van Halen as doing this to a groupie named Gracia Barr. To all known sources, he invented this technique. The reason for this technique being known as "eruption" is because Van Halen has a popular song of this name.
by dave bowen July 22, 2006
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a van halen song featuring onr of the best guitar solos known to man
eruption kicks ass but if you looked this up your probly a poser
by anonoymous726389 October 21, 2004
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