When something is stupid as shit and goes away from the intended course.
This college algebra web work is ERRANT as fuck!

These marijuana laws fuck everyone in the ass! They're so errant it is ridiculous, the police are just trying to throw everyone in jail!
by Mike Nig October 28, 2013
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An italian last name but a very unpopular last name.

Errante also means to wander.
His last name is errante? hmm i have never heard that one before.

He was very bored so he decided to errante around the neighborhood.

by R I Z Z May 16, 2006
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when you Google cunt memes to own your best pal and the results are shocking
Clifton was chatting via Hangouts to Paul, his best pal, and they were razzing each other as per usual. Clifton needed fresh, cutting material so he popped over to Google for cunt memes. instead of funny gifs and pics the results returned lots of Errant Beavers and females in repose.
by Uncle Joosie October 06, 2021
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