Hot and seggsy man with good humor and very sexxyy 👹🥔✨
Eros is cool
by Weinerwomanpppoopoo November 25, 2021
A caring and lovely man :D
Always making me smile and blush
I love Eros
secret ahhahahha gagu
labyu Eros tol sana di mo ako iwan
by May 13, 2022
A synonym for gay
Ugh did you see that dude the other day.”
“I know ugh, he was being so Eros.”
by sexiestmfalive March 2, 2021
When you have eaten a vindaloo the night before and she decides to slip you the finger, at first she just gets the warmth and tender of his kit Kat canyon but upon inspection she realises there’s some chug nug behind her finger nail. Swiftly followed by full mount versuvius… #browntownbiatch
Oh we where having the best time last night then she dirty Eros’d me and it went down hill fast!
by Captain floppy disk January 20, 2022
An 'eroe is a sarcastic term used to designate a "hero", albeit with a slightly nasally accent. The strength of the "e" at the end of the word should be kept clipped, but fresh...

like vegetable dip, topiary bushes, and small children.

Used in conjunction on the internet with the "sarcasm" tilde symbol, 'eroe has been the downfall of many an over-eager friend or helper. a generic MMO such as Rappelz, Cabal Online, WoW...

apparent noob: I just can't beat this guy up!
admin: Well, have you tried to use your magycke attks? Use "mana drain" and beat the sucker...

apparent noob: I died twice before I even respawned once!

admin: ...we didn't design the game to be that way.

apparent noob: it was Chuck Norris.

admin: oh, well then you are my ~'eroe.
by Tanith-Mora June 30, 2010
Ero Hauta is an excellent gamer, he also is known for getting 0 bitches, and he’s also a clone of Niklas Viklund.

He is also known by many as EroTheEmo, he stinks, and he is an ugly piece of trash
Ero Hauta is my hero!
by Rapenaldo/PiersMorgan-Man January 2, 2023
factz 😈👏🏽💯💯💯
“Does Xei love Ero more??”
“Xei loves Ero more, dude.”
by XeiKeo April 3, 2021