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Rabiz (n). A slang word describing a social class of Armenians that exhibit socially questionable behaviors. The "rabiz" are similar to the "redneck" class of Americans, the "nigger" of African-Americans, and the "chunt" of Mexicans. Those typicalled dubbed "rabiz" by the Armenian community generally exhibit the following characteristics, although this is not a definitive list:
1. materialistic flamboyancy,
2. the desire to wear sunglasses on all occasions, regardless of weather conditions,
3. formal clothing typically consisting of imitation Italian leather shoes, slacks, and collared silk shirts,
4. strong blend of Russian and Armenian slang words
5. "rabiz" music which, ironically, is an adaptation of Turkish songs adapted for a rabiz-Armenian audience.
6. strong body odors, prominently onions.
7. over-confidence of "picking up" girls regardless of location, occasion, or setting. "Pick-up" joints are commonly: high schools, community colleges, weddings, restaurants, and street corners, although almost any situation is fair game.

Rabiz, more than a word, it's a lifestyle.
Look at that rabiz fool cruising in his salvaged Benz, trying to pick up on those bitches. What a joke!
by Anonymous Anonymousian September 29, 2005
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This word originated from two Russian words, and is used as a slang term in Armenian. It literally means "without class" (un-classy?). In Armenian, anmakardak.
Note they usually wear either a matching sport suit, or an all black suit with a HUGE cross and of course ELF SHOES (cicaks).
OMG did he just say... "cavt tanem", "mernem boyit", "jigyart utem", etc.??
He's sooo rabiz!
by astxxxx October 17, 2008
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(n)A popular term perpetuated in and around Glendale, CA to describe rich but arrogant groups of Armos
Check out that rabiz going 60 on Glenoaks like he owns the city. Wait... he actually does.
by Varton February 09, 2004
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