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French word, meaning School of Social Rejects
Shit man, my mum's sending me to bloody Ermitage!!

Unlucky dude, well hey, I hear the chips are good!
by Nightrunex September 21, 2009
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International School in France with the humanity of a chimney. Students want to jump off the roof, teachers want to push them off. Beautiful community for people with the goal to go crazy...this will be achieved. Only way out: Move after Grade 10, never even ask about the IB, and never think about it again, unless you really want to end up...well, not nice.
Kid 1: Yo, i have to go to Ermitage...

Kid 2: Aw man, sucks! My mom wanted to send me there, but i said: HELL NO! Good luck.
by New York City Cop December 06, 2011
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