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A legendary creature who's swan dive is magestic and his mating call is the snap of his fingers, attracting worthy females from across the lands.

This man sprinted the summit of mount Fuji with both his ankles snared in Bear traps,

but before that,

He wheelied his motor cycle for 10,000 consecutive kilometers on his way to mount Fuji,

but before that,

He ripped off the metal siding on his house the night before and used it to forge the motorcycle with his bare hands...while he was asleep.
Dude! Old Spice Guy's voice is like liquid manliness flowing

through my eardrums.

Person: Sir, the Old Spice Guy is calling from his Jet pilot submarine station...inside a whale.

Chuck Norris: I'm scared.
by Simsimsalabim July 17, 2010
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Also known as 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like' and played by Isaiah Mustafa, this legendary figure of man was first featured on an Old Spice commercial in February of 2010 that was a huge hit. He was later featured in more Old Spice commercials, but during the days of July 13 and July 14, 2010, the Old Spice Man was taking questions on websites like Digg, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, and those who were deemed worthy by his supreme manliness were given a less than a minute answer in a humorous video that was posted on Youtube. For those two days, he dominated the Internet, and continues to on this day, July 15, until probably forever. He enjoys swan diving, monocle smiling, silver fish handcatching, taming whales, being handsome, flattering the ladies, and doing the impossible.
Swan Dive!

I wish I was as handsome as the Old Spice Guy.

Hello ladies.

How are you-fantastic.

You're on a boat with the Man Your Man Could Smell like.
by jflsajfdlkadsf July 15, 2010
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Actors name Isaiah Mustafa. Main icon of the Old Spice franchise's ads. The best thing ever to happen to advertising.
old spice guy: Did you know that I'm riding this horse backwards?... HIYAH!!
by HungryNoobivore July 15, 2010
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