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red ninja in the popular mortal kombat games, characterised by telekinetiic powers and green energy blasts. appeared as a secret battle in MK2, as an unlockable in MK3: Ultimate, and in the latest game in the series, deception. he was a creation of sorcery, many souls binded to become one by the forces of evil. has since broken that stranglehold and become a free agent for good
Ermac was the greatest character
by Snowman_mcknives August 08, 2005

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one of the greatest martial arts classics ever made. starring the late, great bruce lee, it features a nonsensical plot, ridiculous dialogue and great martial arts. it follows Lee's plan to infiltrate a tournament organised by a rogue shaolin monk and defeat him, along the way avenging his sister's murder and releasing an imprisoned army of martial artists (go figure) also features a very cool Afro sporting karate hero and a fairly cool white guy, in short, an undeniable classic.
Some geek: do you want to go play some Halo 2?
The Snowman: hell no! i'm watching Enter the Dragon.
by Snowman_mcknives July 15, 2005

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