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the act of being epic, applicable to an event, single action or happening that pushes the limits of 'awesomeness' into the realms of inexplicable fleeting brilliance.
"What happened last night was sooo awesome, shit like that never happens! It defined epicism."
by GhettophobeNAB July 25, 2009
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The state in which a person, persons, object, or other single unit has become, in its entirety, so exceedingly epic that they themselves have (or it has) thereby become the definition of epicenes in itself.
Ex1. She has become so epic, that she herself is an Epic-ism.
Ex 2. “girl, your such an epic-ism! SHOW ME HOW TO BECOME SO EPIC.”
Ex.4 Girl~ “I don’t like you.”
Boy ~ ‘why”
Girl ~ “you aint got no epic-ism fool!”
by mandyandcoco February 04, 2011
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1. The state or ideal of being Epic.
2. A term used to instate Holyness.
1. --"Did you see John Petrucci's guitar solo???"
--"Yes. It was pure epicism."
2. --"Dear Epicism above us, please show mercy"
by Mr. Jinglheimerschmidt October 19, 2008
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an act that is so much of a win, it deserves a name better than just "win".
Person A: I just named my kid Awesome Cool.
Person B: Epicism!
by Phunkie July 29, 2011
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Ones belief that engaging in activities of epic proportions will lead to grater ends.
Going on a 500 mile road trip because you feel like it is epicism
by Rondawgg February 09, 2009
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