An epic win is when someone disembowels themselves, holds their organs towards the sky, wraps them around their neck, and hangs them selves with their small intestine all in under 9 seconds.
“Omg, epic win!” (does epic Fortnite emote then commits epic win)
by Entomologist prime March 8, 2020
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the best sounding monster in my singing monster in my opinion
if you are wondering wubbox is a dubstep monster in the game my singing monsters
person 1:hey have you seen the epic wubbox

person 2:yes and its very cool but its very expensive

person 3:really i think its not i have all the wubboxes in all posibble islands
person 1 and 2:0-0
by wubbox fan April 13, 2022
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The sound that God makes when he is tired. It is a rare site to see.
"So I was on Skype yesterday, and Peaches had an epic yawn." (Btw, Peaches is God.)
by kathryn.bubblez.yum.heehee March 22, 2011
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Epic Yolo swag
"I indeed have Epic Yolo swag."
by Azknu June 17, 2021
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An alpha gamer that is a god among weebs.
What? You aren't subscribed to True Epicness ( https: //www. )? That's cringe bro!
by Trepicness November 20, 2019
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